Our Approach


For musicians ages 7+, our Fall & Winter Session (Sept-Feb) is geared towards technique and repertoire! Classes will sometimes overlap to best benefit that particular group of students. Our Spring & Summer Session (Mar-Aug) is focused on developing performance skills, improvisation, and playing multi-instrument ensembles! During the spring students learn their ensemble parts while preparing solo/small group class pieces for our May concert. In the summer we switch to ensemble rehearsals to put those parts together in harmony, polish for performance in mid-August, and advance music literacy in pitch, rhythm, harmonic progression, and collaborative improvisation/composition.

Our school year schedule includes one makeup class opportunity for each level every four weeks. Our summer schedule has two rehearsals for each ensemble every week, one weekday and one weekend; students are therefore able to work around summer plans to attend an average of once a week.


For Musikgarten students, our Fairy Lights (0-3y) and Wind Dancers/Sun Catchers (3-5y) classes are separated by age throughout the year. Siblings that do not fall into the same age range may still generally enroll for the same class, pending teacher approval.

Our preschool Little Twinklers classes overlap with our kindergarten-first grade Little Twinklers year round, and occasionally our K-1 Little Twinklers will also overlap with our 7-11yo Twinklers. Overlapping ages allow students to unfold at their own pace. Students support and inspire one another, polishing old skills and gaining confidence with trying new ones.

In the summer we also overlap the piano and violin K-1 Little Twinklers to allow these students to take their first steps towards multi-instrument improvisation and ensemble playing!